Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

M155 4m3r1c4, Opening January 29!!

Opening January 29
Exhibiting through February 16

Noble & Superior Projects is proud to present "M155 4m3r1c4"
featuring Cara Anne Greene and Patrick Bobilin

Patrick Bobilin is a filmmaker, sculptor and musician from Bronx, NY. His most recent work, M155 4m3r1c4 (Miss America), is a loose narrative which uses documentation and fiction together to create a broad self-portrait doubling as cultural commentary. A 45-minute documentary video loops alongside evidence and testimony presented via legal documents, photographs, drawings, video and sculpture. The project is an investigation where the mundane becomes invented and the invented becomes mundane.

Cara Anne Greene's early work sat firmly in the world of sculpture as she freely mixed coarse industrial materials with softer, more organic elements. Cara will curate a series of culinary artworks related to the concepts and images in M155 4m3r1c4, combining the intangible nature of expression and emotion with the more palpable senses of touch, taste and smell.

Patrick Bobilin, Self-Portraits, 2009