Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Noble & Superior Projects presents: POLYAMORY

Hi everyone!!!!

This is our last opening, our last event, a one night only exhibition THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!!

see you there!!!!!!!


POLYAMORY: Featuring the work of Robin Juan (HungryMan Gallery), Bill Gross (65GRAND), Vincent Uribe and Allison Kilberg (LVL3), Kirk Faber (Kirk's Apartment), Elliot Reed, Erin Nixon and Patrick Bobilin (Noble & Superior Projects)


Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Noble & Superior Projects is proud to present our FINAL one-night exhibition POLYAMORY. This exhibition showcases artwork created by curators of several of Chicago's independent galleries. By exhibiting the visual work of these curators who are committed to providing venues to other artists, we hope to empower others to assume the hybrid role of artist-as-curator and to create new opportunities for themselves and for Chicago's vital independent art community.

As we close our doors, we're happy to see new venues opening up and other venues thriving. We've been lucky to be welcomed into Chicago's dynamic scene of independent galleries. We hope that, by showing the work of artists who are committed to sustaining the collective landscape of opportunities for other artists, we are able to inspire newcomers to expand the definition of what constitutes an alternative exhibition space in Chicago.

Please join us for one last night of food, drink, music, and art!

Thanks for all of your support over the last two years!

Friday, May 20, 2011

CLOSED May 21st, OPEN May 28th

Noble & Superior Projects will be closed tomorrow in observance of SAIC's graduation ceremony. We will reopen the following Saturday, your final opportunity to see REALITY SHOW!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noble & Superior Projects presents: REALITY SHOW

Friday April 22nd

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming group show REALITY SHOW exploring the commonalities and differences between the suspended reality of analog television and the reality-based entertainment of web 2.0.

REALITY SHOW celebrates challenges to the affirmed aesthetics of web 2.0 while bringing light to the work of artists who exhume lost or unresolved aesthetics of television and analog video. REALITY SHOW incorporates the work of artists that intentionally use humor, camp, and critique to create ecstatic work highlighting unrealized potentials and celebrating the possibilities unique to both of these broadcast mediums.

Lindsay Denniberg & Will Goss will present a site-specific video environment enveloping viewers in the forgotten pleasures of television's warmth of color, physical presence, and suspension of disbelief. Their installation brings to reality the vibrancy and ecstasy of their video works by manifesting the aesthetics of analog entertainment in reality.

Internets Celebrities (Rafi Kam, Dallas Penn & Casimir Nozkowski), Tom McCormack, Miao Jiaxin & Ei Jane Janet Lin all work along the fringes of an information based medium. Using the persistent format of direct address, each of these artists explores the possibilities of entertainment by challenging assumptions of veracity and documentation--which work to diminish the potentials of internet entertainment--in order to create powerful and memorable work.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Noble & Superior Projects presents: POST-SMITHSON


POST-SMITHSON: Featuring the work of Emilie Crewe, Isabelle Gougenheim, and Emily Irvine

March 18-April 16, 2011

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, March 18 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming group show POST-SMITHSON featuring the work of Emilie Crewe, Isabelle Gougenheim, and Emily Irvine

POST-SMITHSON presents a series of works by artists creating unmonumental earth art, film, video and collage with content created from alchemical combinations of natural materials. By interweaving straw, dirt, grass, and vegetation into intimate works of art, each of the artists creates a pseudo-organic relic of a fictional nature. The artists who account for a possible “Post-Smithson condition” find themselves looking carefully at the materials of the earth and incorporating those materials for the sake of more intimate investigation. Using the earth’s materials as “found objects” rather than “raw materials”, an approach of salvaging replaces the idea of sculpting.

Emilie Crewe presents a site-specific video installation that explores environments through a lens fixated on uncanny details to reveal the arcane depth of natural elements.
Isabelle Gougenheim collages organic materials into delicately textured landscapes which collapse space into an intimate scale.
The films of Emily Irvine communicate the mysticism of nature through abstract depictions of vegetation and bodies.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Closed this Saturday, 11/27

Noble & Superior Projects will be closed this Saturday for repairs to our damaged waistlines from pies consumed for Thanksgiving.

YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART will be on view December 4th and December 11th for our regularly scheduled Saturday open hours, 12pm-6pm

see you then and enjoy the weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents: YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART..., 10/12


YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART: Featuring the work of Joseph Grigely, Eric Fleischauer, Jason Lazarus, and Anonymous

November 12-December 11, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, November 12 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming group show YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART featuring the work of Joseph Grigely, Eric Fleischauer, Jason Lazarus, and Anonymous

These four artists will present artworks that address relationships between viewing and producing artwork with an awareness of the complex, cooperative exchange between "artist" and "audience" who act as simultaneous producers and consumers of artwork and images.

Joseph Grigely's assemblage of exhibition announcements and posters allows the viewer to interact with information contained in the enduring image of the event. In creating an archive of past events, Grigely comments both on the dissemination of artwork and the communications between artist and audience, exhibition venue and visitors.

Eric Fleischauer's works function simultaneously as sublime images and cultural criticism. His project is a "user-generated" commentary on the types of user-generated media he engages with, structuring arguments in response to distinctions between amateur and professional practitioners and critics.

Jason Lazurus' project acts as a mirror, reflecting both a tendency of self-reflection and engagement upon encountering an artist's work. In equating the words of both professional and casual critics, Lazarus allows the viewer to explore the differences between emotional and academic exploration of artworks.

Anonymous has submitted a series of proposals for both artist and viewing audience. Taking the shape of anonymous letters, the text and image collages will act as commentary orbiting the larger works of art while contributing subliminally to the issues raised in the show.

In addition to the work installed in the gallery, the artists and curators will contribute to a booklet of essays and images addressing concepts regarding experiencing art and images. This eponymous book will be distributed for free at the gallery.