Friday, November 26, 2010

Closed this Saturday, 11/27

Noble & Superior Projects will be closed this Saturday for repairs to our damaged waistlines from pies consumed for Thanksgiving.

YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART will be on view December 4th and December 11th for our regularly scheduled Saturday open hours, 12pm-6pm

see you then and enjoy the weekend!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents: YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART..., 10/12


YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART: Featuring the work of Joseph Grigely, Eric Fleischauer, Jason Lazarus, and Anonymous

November 12-December 11, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, November 12 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming group show YOU ARE LOOKING AT ART ABOUT LOOKING AT ART featuring the work of Joseph Grigely, Eric Fleischauer, Jason Lazarus, and Anonymous

These four artists will present artworks that address relationships between viewing and producing artwork with an awareness of the complex, cooperative exchange between "artist" and "audience" who act as simultaneous producers and consumers of artwork and images.

Joseph Grigely's assemblage of exhibition announcements and posters allows the viewer to interact with information contained in the enduring image of the event. In creating an archive of past events, Grigely comments both on the dissemination of artwork and the communications between artist and audience, exhibition venue and visitors.

Eric Fleischauer's works function simultaneously as sublime images and cultural criticism. His project is a "user-generated" commentary on the types of user-generated media he engages with, structuring arguments in response to distinctions between amateur and professional practitioners and critics.

Jason Lazurus' project acts as a mirror, reflecting both a tendency of self-reflection and engagement upon encountering an artist's work. In equating the words of both professional and casual critics, Lazarus allows the viewer to explore the differences between emotional and academic exploration of artworks.

Anonymous has submitted a series of proposals for both artist and viewing audience. Taking the shape of anonymous letters, the text and image collages will act as commentary orbiting the larger works of art while contributing subliminally to the issues raised in the show.

In addition to the work installed in the gallery, the artists and curators will contribute to a booklet of essays and images addressing concepts regarding experiencing art and images. This eponymous book will be distributed for free at the gallery.

Monday, October 4, 2010

RON ARTIST:MVP--the videos!!!!!!

Just some short samples of the goings-on on the court at RON ARTIST: MVP
More to come!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

RON ARTIST:MVP, the photos!

Thanks to everyone who came out to RON ARTIST: MVP on Friday!
It was hands down our biggest show to date and definitely a night to remember.
Thanks to the players who gave their hearts to it and the fans who screamed until they went hoarse!
Final Scores: Video 12 to Film 30, Photography 18 to Painting 24

what video lacked in scoring, they made up for in intensity
Sampson tails McCormack
Hunter drives down the court, pre-foul out

Good sportsmanship: the key to making great works of art
though the game was tied, no one seemed to mind
apatow takes the refs to task

Monday, September 20, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents RON ARTIST: MVP, 9/24-10/23


RON ARTIST: MVP (Malleability vs. Preservation): Featuring the work of Lindsay Apatow, Ben Balcom, April Behnke, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Joey Carr, Emilie Crewe, Matt Cummings, Lori Felker, Yasi Ghanbari, Samuel Gove, Jordan Grimes, Jeriah Hildwine, Randy Sterling Hunter, Seth Hunter, Tom McCormack, Ross Meckfessel, Josh Sampson, Kristen Stokes, Vincent Uribe and Corrine Webb

September 24, 2010 - October 23, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Basketball Tournament at Eckhart Park Gym: Friday, September 24th (6-8pm)

Opening Reception at Noble & Superior Projects immediately following the tournament (8-11pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition RON ARTIST: MVP (Malleability vs. Preservation),
opening Friday, September 24th.

Previous to the opening of the gallery exhibition, Noble & Superior Projects will be hosting a legendary basketball tournament: Two games played by opposing teams of five as PAINTING vs PHOTOGRAPHY and FILM vs VIDEO. Each team has been carefully curated and selected based on the artists' work and commitment to their medium. The exhibition in general is a satire, poking fun at the medium-specific wars that have waged in galleries, museums and critical writing for the past 100 years. We plan to settle the argument once and for all, on the court. The game will be followed by a ceremonial exhibition at Noble & Superior Projects with the losing team in each game showing their work upside down.

As painting was the only medium for recreating the world until the early-19th century, some claimed that the invention of photography has since rendered it as obsolete. Painting's defenders claim that the purpose was never to literally reproduce reality but to emphasize its ineffable characteristics. Lovers of photography decry its relegation to a mere method of documentation, advocating instead its profound aesthetic possibilities as its most essential purpose. The two have competed for nearly two centuries for dominance in landscape and portraiture. On Friday September 24th, a winner will be declared.

Film was the most widely produced moving image medium for most of the 20th century, dominating culture with documents of places unseen and injecting unprecedented spectacle into traditional storytelling. Commercial video was introduced to artists by the likes of Yoko Ono and Nam June Paik as a democratic vehicle for immediate communication. Artists could make moving images anywhere, creating candid movies from inside their studios or homes, making motion picture production easier than ever before. Filmmakers declared the medium as pedestrian while those working with video claimed film's pretentiousness. Most citizens of industrialized nations now have access to video in every device they touch, while some claim that it has allowed for the ubiquitous surveillance of the state. Young filmmakers dedicate themselves to reviving ancient equipment and researching methods of production as many pronounce the medium as dead. RON ARTIST: MVP gives the two camps the chance to claim dominance once and for all.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Janis photos and updates!!!

hello world
We took a little break off for some fun in the sun, but don't sweat it because we've got some all-star shows planned for the near future--stay tuned here and to your inboxes for our Sept. 29th spectacular and our late October show stocked with heavy hitters!!

For now, here are some photos from our summer spectacular YOUNGER THAN JANIS:

getting set up for the bands on Friday!

the crowd circling the pizza donated by Piece Pizza

more people chilling

Travis Wyche performs between work by Steve Ruiz and Celia Marks

Andre Lenox squeezes through a crowd of art appreciators

Friday night crowd

Patrick performs to a rapt audience

Saturday night's visitors checked out the gallery while...

outside, the barbecue was fired up and the video program kept viewers in their seats (sort of)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents YOUNGER THAN JANIS, 7/9+7/10

Opening Reception with Musical Performances: Friday, July 9 (6-10pm)

Film/Video Screening + Barbecue: Saturday, July 10 (7-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition YOUNGER THAN JANIS, featuring a 2-night opening event and including work from 27 emerging and mid-career artists from around the US.

The work of all of these artists (who together cover film, sculpture, sound, food, printed matter, painting, photography and video) considers the ephemeral nature of youth and beauty. The work ranges from musings on death to pursuit of an infinite youth, covering all the fleeting affect in between.

Friday July 9th features a series of musical performances with the opening reception. The film and video screening on Saturday July 10th will include a barbecue and raw food-works by culinary artists as the 1-hour program plays on loop in our courtyard. The gallery exhibition will also be open to the public.

Showcasing the work of: Marcel Alcala, Ryan Barone, Lucas Blair, Patrick Bobilin, Connor Camburn, Kevin Clancy, Adam Cruces, Cara Anne Greene, Eliza Koch, Andre & Evan Lenox, Vanessa Macholl, Celia Marks, Ross Meckfessel, Michael Morris, Erin Nixon, Michael Radziewicz, Anna Rochinski, Steve Ruiz, Liz Rugg, Hannah Verrill, Blair Waters, Ali White, Andrew Norman Wilson, Travis Wyche

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Summer Vacation!!!

Summer's here and alas the gallery will be closed through June in commemoration of FUN IN THE SUN!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents SENSE OBJECTS, 6/4


SENSE OBJECTS: Featuring the work of Kate O'Neill and Rebecca Kressley

June 4-July 7, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects 1418 W. Superior Chicago, IL

Opening Reception: Friday, June 4 (6-10pm)
Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition SENSE OBJECTS, opening Friday, June 4 featuring the work of Kate O'Neill and Rebecca Kressley.

Kate O'Neill's series of black and white photographs, Third Law, are constructed to distort the spatial orientation and perceived perspective of the image while embracing their suspended existence. Third Law is a series of constructed performances arranged for the camera, employing banal materials and delving into futile gestures, ambiguity and absurd compositions.

Kate O'Neill received her B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005 and has exhibited extensively in Chicago.

Rebecca Kressley’s installation ON THE SOUTH LOCK OVER SHINE conjures sensuous experiences through careful arrangements of materials. The physical construction of the work alongside the sound composition, Dragging the Hound, creates an immersive encounter of mediated viewership. Kressley emphasizes the aesthetic possibilities of these carefully chosen everyday materials and as the installation subtly changes over time, the decay and collapse of the materials allow for a complex evolution of experience.

Rebecca Kressley received her M.F.A. from the Slade School of Art in 2009. Kressley was an Artist in Residence at Experimental Sound Studio in 2005 and has since exhibited and lectured internationally.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


We were Nick-Cannon-Wilin'-Out on Friday, thanks to the crowd that crowded into the crowded opening for Daniel Lavitt, Brook Jonquil, Eric Fleischauer, Scott Carter and Brandon Alvendia. Such a fun and huge opening! Huge shout-outs to our interns Hiba and Elliot!
Szremski, you crazy for this one!!

the spread!

Scott Carter "On Matter, On Memories"

Crowd around Brookhart Jonquil's "Untitled" and Eric Fleischauer's "Assigned + Recommended"

Intern Hiba outside with Brandon Alvendia's "Remainders", interacting with Daniel Lavitt's "Grapevine"

Co-Curator Ania hiding next to Snack Reporter Jeriah Hildwine

2 many DJs

Mr. Carter's project spills out into the other rooms

heard thru tha grapevine...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents ALPHABETIZATION, 5/7


ALPHABETIZATION: Featuring the work of Brandon Alvendia, Scott Carter, Eric Fleischauer, Brookhart Jonquil and Daniel Lavitt
Guest Curator: Ania Szremski

May 7-June 4, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, May 7 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition ALPHABETIZATION, opening Friday, May 7, featuring the work of Brandon Alvendia, Scott Carter, Eric Fleischauer, Brookhart Jonquil and Daniel Lavitt and guest curated with Ania Szremski.
These five artists explore methods of transforming language—through speech, academic texts and historical narrativevs—into experiences.

Daniel Lavitt’s GRAPEVINE is both a metaphor for informal transmission and dissemination of communication as well as a tangible interactive telecommunications network.

Brandon Alvendia’s REMAINDERS is a site of dissemination for books pulled from the public domain, printed inexpensively then bound by hand, emphasizing the contemporary condition of swift and economical propagation of information.

ON MATTER, ON MEMORIES is Scott Carter’s installation exploring the way shifting patterns of words affect memory of an event: a fan blows strips of text narrating the explosion of the Challenger spacecraft which mix with fragments of Bergson’s “Matter and Memory” and accrue indiscriminately throughout the gallery.

Brookhart Jonquil’s Untitled (Essay Without Words no. 1) creates a delicate, physical relationship with printed matter, one where the texts are reduced to identically deformed pieces of paper communicating only their fragile, carefully crafted, aesthetic existence.

Eric Fleischauer’s Assigned + Recommended is a large-scale digital animation of academic texts. Blurry, photocopied pages with underlining and marginalia are rendered even more illegible as they pulsate across the wall at a pace too swift to read, forming an overwhelming swarm of knowledge.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TWINFORMATION: opening photos!!!!

Another great turn out and another awesome spread, plus lots of people hanging out!!
Thanks to Eric and Jon for giving people something to hang around for!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents TWINFORMATION, 4/2

TWINFORMATION: Featuring the work of Eric Veit and Jon Satrom
April 2-May 4, 2010
Noble & Superior Projects
1418 W. Superior Chicago IL
Opening Reception: Friday, April 2 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition TWINFORMATION, opening Friday, April 2, featuring the work of Eric Veit and Jon Satrom.

Eric Veit's installation COMMUNAL LIVING features new digital paintings, abstract sculpture and light installation combined to investigate the complexity of human relationships, specifically his interest in the "poetic beauty" of conjoined twins. Veit explores concepts outside of the restrictions of media specificity in order to create complex and wide ranging installations that transform the gallery into a sublime territory.

Eric Veit currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. After showing extensively in the northeast, Veit is premiering his newest body of work in Chicago. Veit received his B.A. from Hampshire College in 2008 and attended the Yale Summer School of Music and Art in 2007.

Jon Satrom's TRENDS is a collection of images generated from inquiries using the data platform Google Trends. These often humorous and seemingly innocuous queries reveal more about the environment of ubiquitous databases than one might initially infer. Satrom's work consistently illustrates the innumerable possibilities and faults of digital media, positioning both user and viewer to be enveloped by the infinite body of knowledge found in contemporary information systems.

Jon Satrom is an artist and educator based in Chicago. Satrom currently serves as faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in addition to running his production studio, Studio Thread, and performing live with the media collective I <3>.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This Friday!!!

Noble & Superior Projects will be hosting Deer Tick cohort Liz Isenberg and Providence's Vio/Mire this Friday (February 26th) at 9PM for a special night of musical performances!


Thanks for another great opening everyone! We had a very international crowd and went through more refreshments than ever!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects presents IN DEFINITE SPACE, 2/19


Featuring the work of Markus Hahn and Sean Ward

February 19-March 23, 2010

Noble & Superior Projects

1418 W. Superior Chicago IL

Opening Reception: Friday, February 19 (6-10pm)

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition IN DEFINITE SPACE, opening Friday, February 19, featuring the work of Markus Hahn and Sean Ward. Viennese artist Markus Hahn’s installation 14th, Delta Industries is an abstract architectural model that explores the possibilities of form using everyday materials. It is a figurative representation of Hahn’s unique practice which breaks with the conceptual tradition of his formal education and instead relies on an intuitive and material-based creative process. Allowing the inherent nature of recycled, found, and everyday materials to dictate the character of this reconstructed space, Hahn creates a sublime environment constructed from the mundane. In its finished form, the object supersedes any specific context or field of architectural knowledge; it asserts its presence as a utopian creation.

Sean Ward’s installation, Room for the Work, is a meditation on creative practices, making contemplation visible through the ordering of objects. Ward improvises based on the materials of each space, utilizing them both as inspiration but also as a set of creative tools. Ward surrenders to his surroundings in a thorough investigation of his own practice. Examination of the physical remnants of this process allows the viewer to feel a quality of “living in” rather than just merely looking.

also, check out The Chicago Tribune's review of our current show M155 4m3r1c4, exhibiting for 2 more Saturdays and by appointment!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

M155 4m3r1c4: more installation photos

Just a few more photos of the installation, up until February 16th!
We're open 12-6 on Saturdays or by appointment.

Our next show, featuring Markus Hahn (Vienna) and Sean Ward (NY) opens February 19th!

Sunday, January 31, 2010