Sunday, May 9, 2010


We were Nick-Cannon-Wilin'-Out on Friday, thanks to the crowd that crowded into the crowded opening for Daniel Lavitt, Brook Jonquil, Eric Fleischauer, Scott Carter and Brandon Alvendia. Such a fun and huge opening! Huge shout-outs to our interns Hiba and Elliot!
Szremski, you crazy for this one!!

the spread!

Scott Carter "On Matter, On Memories"

Crowd around Brookhart Jonquil's "Untitled" and Eric Fleischauer's "Assigned + Recommended"

Intern Hiba outside with Brandon Alvendia's "Remainders", interacting with Daniel Lavitt's "Grapevine"

Co-Curator Ania hiding next to Snack Reporter Jeriah Hildwine

2 many DJs

Mr. Carter's project spills out into the other rooms

heard thru tha grapevine...

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