Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Janis photos and updates!!!

hello world
We took a little break off for some fun in the sun, but don't sweat it because we've got some all-star shows planned for the near future--stay tuned here and to your inboxes for our Sept. 29th spectacular and our late October show stocked with heavy hitters!!

For now, here are some photos from our summer spectacular YOUNGER THAN JANIS:

getting set up for the bands on Friday!

the crowd circling the pizza donated by Piece Pizza

more people chilling

Travis Wyche performs between work by Steve Ruiz and Celia Marks

Andre Lenox squeezes through a crowd of art appreciators

Friday night crowd

Patrick performs to a rapt audience

Saturday night's visitors checked out the gallery while...

outside, the barbecue was fired up and the video program kept viewers in their seats (sort of)

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