Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noble & Superior Projects presents: REALITY SHOW

Friday April 22nd

Noble & Superior Projects is pleased to announce its upcoming group show REALITY SHOW exploring the commonalities and differences between the suspended reality of analog television and the reality-based entertainment of web 2.0.

REALITY SHOW celebrates challenges to the affirmed aesthetics of web 2.0 while bringing light to the work of artists who exhume lost or unresolved aesthetics of television and analog video. REALITY SHOW incorporates the work of artists that intentionally use humor, camp, and critique to create ecstatic work highlighting unrealized potentials and celebrating the possibilities unique to both of these broadcast mediums.

Lindsay Denniberg & Will Goss will present a site-specific video environment enveloping viewers in the forgotten pleasures of television's warmth of color, physical presence, and suspension of disbelief. Their installation brings to reality the vibrancy and ecstasy of their video works by manifesting the aesthetics of analog entertainment in reality.

Internets Celebrities (Rafi Kam, Dallas Penn & Casimir Nozkowski), Tom McCormack, Miao Jiaxin & Ei Jane Janet Lin all work along the fringes of an information based medium. Using the persistent format of direct address, each of these artists explores the possibilities of entertainment by challenging assumptions of veracity and documentation--which work to diminish the potentials of internet entertainment--in order to create powerful and memorable work.

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