Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review for DOUBLE FANTASY (via Bad At Sports)

Choice words (from Lauren Vallone):

"I did appreciate the dialog between Lozano’s work and Brock’s. There was delicate connection between where to place or locate the gaze in the photographic as well as an extreme emphasis on the gaze in the larger than life face in the installation. In the conversation between the work, Lozano’s work felt much more secure in a time and place (post-AIDS epidemic) while Brock’s work felt very contemporary it did not feel deeply attached to a history."

"More so than the show itself, chatting with Nixon and Bobilin really excited me about the future of the space. They want to focus on two artists at a time; one working in a way that must be “experienced” (...)and the other in a way that is able to be easily distributed(...) I think this could be a very dynamic experience(...)"


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