Friday, December 18, 2009

MULTIPLECITIES: pictures and reviews

Last Friday's opening was AMAZING!!
We had a nice group who stuck around and made themselves comfortable for the films and got a lot of feedback for our homemade cookies! Check out the review here.

Below are some photos of the installation.
Contact us regarding any of our limited editions.

l to r: Wilson Ward Kemp, Ian Warren, Darren McPherson

l to r: Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Katie Leech

l to r: Ivan Lozano, Kate Brock, Wilson Ward Kemp, Ismael Bennani,
Orfee Grandhomme, Kuo-Wei Lin

l to r: Kate Brock, Ismael Bennani, Kuo-Wei Lin, Ivan Lozano

l to r: Stacy Peterson, Darren McPherson, Eric Veit, Katie Leech,
Ian Warren

l to r: Guillaume Alimoussa, Kuo-Wei Lin, Eric Veit

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